Bryce Parr –

University of Wisconsin-Stout Forward Magazine released their Fall 2018 issue last Friday at the Raw Deal. The night featured live performances from musical groups and Disc Jockeys Ren, Bellyflop Suicide, J A C U Z Z I and Nolephant.

Forward is a student led magazine that features photography, poetry, journalism and design focused on fashion and culture. This issue is the sixth installment of the biannual publication.

The magazine strives to create something new and unconventional every semester. “We never try to do something that has been done before,” Forward president Ethan McGowan said. The organization pushes away genre convention and experiments heavily with page layout, innovative aesthetics, progressive styles and unique subject matter.

“They definitely have more of an experimental or contemporary style than some of the other publications here on campus. I think it’s nice that they provide an outlet for that type of design,” UW-Stout student Anna Humphrey said.

“One of the articles is about things you hold close. Artifacts that matter to you that others might just see as trash. One person even has a broken disco ball,” McGowen said.

“We are always trying to push it every issue. Wherever we see opportunity,” said Forward vice president Bex Morton.

After brainstorming topics for each semester’s issue, students are assigned content and work with their section directors to create the magazine. “Forward is a great opportunity for potential. It’s a great collaborative project,” Morton said.

“Forward gets me to take my art practice and entertain people. It mixes all my interests into one,” said contributor Gemma Schlotthauer.

According to McGowan, the latest issue featured more writing than usual. He says, this is a welcome addition. “Everybody is welcome. Anyone can join,” McGowan said. “Just send me an email. Now would be a great time. We can find a way for everyone to be involved.”