Marisa Pollastrini-

How often do you find yourself visiting University of WisconsinStout’s Memorial Student Center? Many students claimed they enjoy coming to the MSC the most out of any other building on campus. With so much going on, it’s hardly a surprise that the most central location is also one of the most popular.

With its bright lighting and comfortable spaces for lounging, studying or eating, the MSC is truly a haven to students of all kinds.

“I like it because I find a sense of community there. Sometimes if I feel lonely, I come to the MSC because there is always someone else there,” said freshman Carmen Chadwick.

“I usually go there at least once or twice every day,” said Yeabsira Zeleke. “It’s my favorite place on campus.”  

Thanks to the MSC’s facelift from 2012, student Taylor Firle not only appreciates the student center for its location in the center of campus, but also because “its renovations are nice, which makes it more inviting.” For instance, the tables at the union were once the actual lanes at the Memorial Student Union bowling alley. This small detail offers a small throwback to how the building came from what it used to be.

While most students agree the MSC is a comfortable place to do a wide assortment of things, some wish there was more separation between areas meant for socializing and others meant for studying. Others wish that the old bowling alley was still there.

In addition to that, some students had other comments on how it could improve. One student mentioned that having outlets on every table would be nice for charging, while another would like more secluded homework spots to avoid distractions. The MSC is near and dear to many students on campus, but in an increasingly digital age—especially on a campus that pushes laptop usage—there are a lot of ways the MSC can get even better.

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