By Barbara Young —

University of Wisconsin–Stout has a new means of feeling the beat with the Music Production Club. The club, newly approved this semester, operates to bring mix artists together and create a community to share knowledge and music.

President, Andrew Heldstab, a senior at UW-Stout, began the organization during the 2014 fall semester.

“I had friends that made music, and I thought it would be good to start a music production club,” Heldstab said. He has been meeting fellow musicians throughout his years at Stout through friends of friends and chance meetings at Blue Devil Productions’ Open Mic Night.

“Last semester we’d get together and have some audio we’d sample from and do 45 minutes to see what we can create and just work on making random little fun songs,” Heldstab said. “This semester we try to do workshops, focusing on different aspects of music production.”

The club gathers weekly to learn from one another and expand their music making skills répéteur. The group brings in music mixers from the executive board member’s connections that speak on their methods.

“We brought in one of my friends from Eau Claire who’s been making music for 8 years. We’re reaching out to other artists, hoping to get them to come in and talk to us,” Heldstab said.

The club is new this semester, but they are hoping to get funding to bring in mixers from the cities to speak.

Mixers of all experience are welcome to attend the meetings. Heldstab explained the group is meant to create a community to learn and grow from.

“I really love new people to show up because we can split up into groups and have different levels of production [lessons] that way,” Heldstab said. “That’s the way we wanted to do it. You can’t teach well in a large group, but we have enough people that know what they’re doing to mess around and learn from each other.”

The organization hopes to get more involved on campus through classes related to mixing music such as Film Production and collaborating with other artists on campus.

The Music Production Club meets Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in Applied Arts 321. All are welcome and those interested are encouraged to come see what the group is all about.

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