The University of Wisconsin-Stout soccer team has had to rearrange its practices and game schedule due to the renovations that are happening at Nelson Field. The completion of this project is expected to occur by late Nov 2019. 

The renovations have made it difficult for the team to find a space where they can practice. Caylee Boone said, “It’s a big hassle because we constantly have to move goals back and forth between the stadium and the grass.”

Practices aren’t the only thing that has been affected by the renovations. The soccer team now has all away-games. There were plans to have 4 home games at the Menomonie High School, but bad field conditions prevented those games from happening. Having all away-games have taken a toll on the team’s academics. “It makes it difficult to keep up with classes because we’ve had to miss quite a few, and it’s not easy to do homework on the bus,” Boone said.

Even with all of the hardships, the soccer team is hoping to win the remainder of the games left of the season. Boone emphasized this desire.  “A lot of our games have been decided by one goal,” she said. “So we’re working to get the momentum going in our favor for the games we have left this season.”