Mackenzie Peterson –

The computer networking and information technology program continues to follow the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s hands-on learning approach by opening four new Computer Networking and Cyber Security labs this last Feb.

Maria Alm, the dean of the college of arts, communication, humanities and social sciences said, “I am very excited about our new Computer Networking and Information Technology labs!”

These new labs are located near the other computer labs on the first floor of Micheels Hall in rooms 176, 188, 192 and 193.

The new labs include video monitors and work spaces that provide an environment for students to efficiently collaborate together. They also have a data center with equipment such as computer routers and servers for the students.

The labs provide access for students to develop, apply and research contemporary strategies involving data, voice and graphical technologies.

Dylan Adank, a freshman majoring in Computer Networking and Information Technology said, “I love the new labs. They’re modern and state of the art, and I have had zero issues with the equipment.”

“In the previous labs, students were sitting in rows where they would only speak to their lab partner and occasionally another student around them. With the new design, students sit at pods of four to five students facing each other,” said junior, Nikki Ruf, majoring in computer networking and information technology.  “This has created an environment where everyone is working together and getting to know each other.”

The setup of the equipment in the labs is organized to correspond with what grade the students are in. One lab has equipment for first and second year students and the next lab has equipment for second and third year students.

Another lab has equipment for third and fourth year students and the last lab has equipment for fourth year and capstone students. The Learning and Information Technology department on campus provided assistance with setting up the labs.

This new addition to the program will help provide students majoring in Computer Networking and Information Technology with technical, leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.