new kidsBy Molly Schecklman —

On Oct. 29, University of Wisconsin–Stout will be exposed to an entirely new sort of campus: Hippo Campus, that is.


Every semester, the student entertainment organization Blue Devil Productions puts on a “Large Show” where well-known acts come to perform. This year the organization is hosting Indie pop-rock band, Hippo Campus.


When this Minnesotan quartet formed in 2013, they did so in a manner that was equally democratic and simple.


“We gathered at a table. It was a roundish table. And we said, ‘we should play music together.’ We wanted to make music that would make people want to dance and attract the ladies,” said Whistler Allen, the band’s drummer.  


But for having not been in the music industry too long, the band has accomplished a great deal.  Their biggest feat to date? Arguably their appearance on Conan in March 2015. The band has also kept a high profile at large music festivals. They have performed at music festivals like Summer Set, SXSW, Lollapalooza and Chipotle Cultivate Fest in Minneapolis.  


In fact, the band is practically at star status in their home state. They’ve had a history of selling out shows in the popular Minneapolis venue First Avenue.


However, the show is not without its challenges. The band is performing at First Avenue in November. This performance could possibly be a threat as it has the potential to draw away from the UW–Stout appearance. Regardless, Special Events Director Annalecia Vallafskey, the mind behind preparing the Hippo Campus event, has confidence that the show will be a stellar one.


“The one thing that I’m looking forward to most is seeing how much the audience can connect to and enjoy the music. Hands down the most satisfying part in planning events like this is seeing how much the audience appreciates it,” Vallafskey said.


Overall, the band is excited to be on the road. Drummer Whistler Allen expressed his own love for touring, saying that his “favorite part is being able to look out at the crowd and seeing everyone’s expressions.” But, like all touring gigs, he cited struggles as well. “Least favorite part is deciding whether or not to buy snacks at every gas station we stop at.”


Now those are struggles I wouldn’t mind having.

Hippo Campus will be performing Thursday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. in The Great Hall. The Great Hall is located on the upper level of the Memorial Student Center. Tickets can be purchased at

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