North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has resurfaced in the media after Korean officials boasted rumors of his death over three weeks ago, according to multiple news sources. 

North Korean media outlets on Saturday broadcasted video of Kim smoking cigarettes and smiling cheerfully while attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his fertilizer plant north of Pyongyang. 

According to Ji Seong-ho, a North Korean defector, sometime before April 25 a botched heart surgery most likely sent the leader to his eternal resting place. “I’ve wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery.” Seong-ho said to New York Post reporters. “It is not 100 percent certain, but I can say the possibility is 99 percent. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue.”

NK News, an independent news source in North Korea, speculated the 38-year-old heir also displayed a peculiar mark on his wrist at the ceremony, which could possibly indicate a right radial artery puncture.  

Be that as it may, the world remains puzzled at the uncertainty of the situation.

University of Wisconsin-Stout Junior and Business Administration major Evan Butcher wagered his thoughts on the fascinating resurrection. “When I first heard that he died, I didn’t think it was fake. I genuinely thought he was dead.” Said Butcher.

His immediate reaction was influenced heavily by the current pandemic. “Honestly I thought maybe he got Coronavirus or the surgery went wrong because of a COVID complication.” Butcher said. 

In reference to the big picture, Butcher is not overly phased by the North Korean stunt. “Now that I think about it, I’m not surprised. You take into account the nature of a dictatorship and it seems more plausible.” Butcher explained. “The problem is his people now think he can come back from the dead.”