Katie Schulzetenberg – 

The University of Wisconsin -Stout is a diverse community with many different clubs and organizations. All of this ensures that there is a group for everyone. The American Institute of Graphic Design (AIGI) is an org specifically for those interested in graphic design.

“AIGA is a graphic design major specific organization that helps connect students with others in their major and those within the industry.  Being an organization that has many chapters across the nation we have become known throughout the graphic design industry as a reputable organization that puts forth quality graphic designers ready for whatever challenges the industry has for them.  To this degree we bring in speakers for our members to glean knowledge from and provide them with opportunities to further their knowledge by offering up portfolio reviews and design workshops,” said Vice President Mitchell Nelson. Nelson is also the president of the Stout Typographical Society (STS).

AIGA has some exciting up and coming events that could be heading their way soon that will change the regular routine up a bit

“This year AIGA has been breaking out of the mold a little and is trying to organize a trip to New York so that members can connect with design firms and market themselves to some of the firms based out of New York.  Another new thing in the club this year is that we are working more closely with another club on campus, the Stout Typographical Society, as these two clubs closely mirror the industry.  STS is the printing side of Graphic Design and they are also a business here on campus that does a variety of prints for clients.  We have worked with them to let members of AIGA know about events that STS might be hosting that they might be interested in and vice versa to let members of STS know about events that AIGA might be hosting that would interest them,” said Nelson.

Their typical meetings consist of various activities. “At this time members will get a chance to hear from the officers as to what new opportunities might be going on in the organization.  This ranges from introduces speakers that might interest the members or holding a quick design workshop,” said Nelson.

AIGA offers a variety of different resources and connections for students looking to work in graphic design. The org meets every other Tuesday in Jarvis Hall room 124 at 5:45.