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Students each have their own way to make themselves part of the University of WisconsinStout experience. Freshman Charley Wanner made his mark with the founding of the new student org, Blue Devil Lifting.


“I started asking around and looking for a campus organization that was all about fitness, physique and strength. I couldn’t find anything!” Wanner said, explaining how he came up with the idea. “So I took it upon myself to approach the university and propose a new organization. I worked diligently all of first semester by completing many required documents, speaking to the student senate and meeting with SSA. Meanwhile, I was rounding up potential members and hosting un-official weekly meetings ranging anywhere from three to ten in attendance. I completed the final steps right before winter break and was informed over break of our approval.” As anyone who has been involved with the creation of a student org would know, the process is indeed very complicated.


Wanner has developed a goal and concept for the new org, saying, “As a club, we aim to promote fitness and strength by inviting students of all backgrounds to test their might in a physical setting.”  


The org has goal-setting meetings in which the members determine specifically what they want to accomplish. “Blue Devil Lifting is in essence a tool. a tool in which students enlist the help of their peers to bring about positive change. Motivation is best accessed through the power of goals and achieved with the force of friends cheering the process on,” Wanner described.


The majority of the activities the organization partakes in are done outside of the meetings. The meetings are used simply to gather, share information and set goals.


“Every day most of us get together to workout, eat, hang out, play sports and generally have a great time,” told Wanner.  “Over the course of our existence, we hope to begin competing regularly in strength competitions, physique competitions and visiting other places of interest amongst our club.” Their first competition was March 5, where some members competed in a charity bench and deadlift event.


Wanner explained the most rewarding part of being a member of this new organization is “the people that I have met. No one has pushed me further to my physical as well as academic goals than the members of my club.”


Joining is very simple; “Simply stop by one of our weekly meetings on Wednesday night at 7:30 in the MSC Badger room! If you would like any information ahead of time, please email,” enthused Wanner.


Fitness enthusiasts look at it as a lifestyle, meaning they need others with the lifestyle to accompany and motivate them. Whether lifting is a lifestyle now or a lifestyle you want, look into the newborn organization, Blue Devil Lifting.

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