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From Campus Cuties to Syrian Refugees, Her Campus has got an article for it all. Need relationship advice? Want to know about what’s going on in other nearby states? They’ve got articles for that too. Some ideas for fresh dorm décor or a new makeup routine? What about ideas on how to give back to the community or succeed in your classes? They’ve got you covered on all that and more.

Her Campus is a website where many universities go to create their own pages and personalize the site to have stories relatable to the people on their campus. Brought to UWStout in 2014 by former student Laura Bauman, the website rates each university page on a scale of levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and pink. These levels are based off of a points system for amount of content and number of cumulative views. Just two years after getting into the fray, UWStout’s page is already at the second highest level possible!

The team at UWStout is comprised of writers, an events committee and a marketing committee. For the writers, it’s an environment that really lets their creativity thrive. Alison Gadbois, one of the presidents of the organization, believes that Her Campus provides a great opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone while still writing about topics that interest them. Olivia Viktora, another president, conveyed that the goal of the organization is to bring UWStout students information pertaining to events and entertainment on campus, important stories and more.

With both Gadbois and Viktora being exceptionally experienced with the organization, it was interesting to learn what they appreciate the most about Her Campus. Gadbois believes that diversity and creating ties with the community is very important. She explained the diverse types of connections made with the rest of the committees and writers. Writers and committee members aren’t limited to only one role within the organization; instead they create an intertwining community of likeminded students.

The skills that are developed as a part of Her Campus are tremendous, and many opportunities arise that wouldn’t be available elsewhere. If an article written by a member gets enough views, the contributors to Her Campus itself will take the article and post it on the national page, where it has even more visibility. These accomplishments make great additions to a resume, so future employers are able to read the articles and recognize writing skills and involvement.

Another perk of being employed by Her Campus is the survival kits branches receive from the main Her Campus. These survival kits contain all sorts of products from various big-name brands. Sometimes they give them away to members as awards, and sometimes they do giveaways of the products. Oftentimes, writers will test out a product from the survival kit and then write reviews about their experience with it.

Her Campus meetings are at 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday evening in Jarvis 156. It came across as a very welcoming and open environment that anyone interested in writing would enjoy. If you would like to join Her Campus, e-mail Alison ( or Olivia (, or simply show up at one of the meetings!

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