Katie Schulzetenberg – 

Many people do not know this, but Stout has their very own Spanish club here on campus. The club conducts many activities that celebrate the culture that surrounds Spanish, while also practicing their Spanish skills.

“The Spanish Club is a student organization that strives to promote outside-the-classroom usage of the Spanish language on the UW Stout campus via weekly meetings and other fun events. Our goal is to provide a space for students to use their Spanish in a risk-free- environment, learn, and have fun. Whether you are fluent, or the only Spanish word you now is “hola,” if you are interested in the Spanish language, you are welcome to join us,” said Trevor Kretschmann, president of Spanish Club.

The club welcomes new members in every meeting. Their typical meetings consist of group discussions and group activities, such as board games or card games. “We like to play various games, including Loteria, (A Mexican bingo game). We also plan to do a karaoke night, if our members are feeling brave enough, and a food night where we will learn how to make pan de muerto,” said Kretschmann. They welcome new chances to try and practice their Spanish as a group. They have gone to Los Cabos in the past. “We will likely do that, or something similar, again this year. Group outings provide a really fun way to practice Spanish and learn new words,” said Kretschmann. Currently, they have around thirteen members in their club, but they are always looking for new people to join that are enthusiastic about learning Spanish.

Kretschmann also encourages people to go see the Spanish films that are shown every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in Harvey Hall. “They are shown with English subtitles so you don’t have to know a word of Spanish. Also, stop by the Spanish Club meeting, which starts 30 minutes prior. We will be discussing the films as a group and then heading down to the theater together,” said Kretschmann. For those interested, Spanish Club meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Harvey Hall room 273.

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