By Mary Peters-

Take a second to think of a formal party or get-together featuring catered food and tasteful decor. That kind of event, whether public or private, is the result of hard work by an event planner. These individuals are vital in the production and operation of just about any party or suaré you can imagine. Stout Events Society, a campus student organization, gathers hospitality students of University of WisconsinStout who have the passion to plan events. It’s an organization whose membership is offered to those studying hospitality who strive to become event planners, as well as anyone who is interested in event planning.

Kenzie Krueger, the president of Stout Events Society, explained the concept of the organization: “We help our members gain hands-on experience by bringing them to volunteer events, bringing professionals into our meetings to have Q&A sessions and helping them find internships.” 

Stout Event Society getting ready for the event

These experiences are obtained through an immense amount of volunteer work. “We attend volunteer events within corporate event planning, weddings, trade shows, etc. We talk to real world professional event planners as well as tour event venues so that our members can gain a sense of the events they want to go into after graduation,” Krueger said.

The First Annual Stout Events Society Masquerade Ball will be on Saturday, Feb. 25 in the atrium of Micheels Hall. There will be professionally-crafted decorations, a live band and a masquerade-style dress code. Cocktail attire and masks are a necessity. This event will be free for all students to attend, and those who have a passion for planning, a desire to dive into events and an urge to arrange are encouraged to email Kenzie Krueger (kruegerk0545) to learn more about what Stout Events Society has to offer.