Olivia Viktora-


The Stout Typographical Society (STS) is the student-led print organization on campus for students in the fields of design, graphic communication and packaging, as well as anyone else that is interested. Though they are a University of Wisconsin–Stout org, STS is run like a small business that takes on clients, has deadlines and produces products. Brianna Ferguson, vice president of STS, said, “The purpose of STS is to apply what we have learned in the classroom at our weekly production nights. We get to have a real working experience that some never have until getting a job.”   


With a broad set of skills and their own production lab, STS provides a wide variety of services for students and local businesses alike. Some of their services include screen printing in up to three colors, vinyl work and design service. “Sometimes we have people come to us with an idea, but they don’t have the ability to execute it themselves. We will help them design it and make it come to life,” said Ferguson.


Members within design and packaging programs are encouraged to take advantage of the hands-on experience found directly on campus. “I’ve learned so much about the industry in my time as a part of this org,” said Ferguson. “Employers know about our organization and recognize the work we do. When they see STS on a resume, it is always moved to the top of their list.”


In April, members of STS will go on their 76th annual industry trip, which will take place throughout the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The members will have the unique opportunity to tour 10-12 companies that contribute to the print industry. Dressed to the nines in their best business professional, the club will use the trip to network and get a first-hand look inside the day to day operations of their fields.  


STS meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Communication Technologies, Room 202.