Alex Lutz –

In a surprise turn of events, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. We were all very shocked and surprised to see them advance to the Super Bowl in overtime against the Chiefs. Yes, the team that always seems to find themselves in the Super Bowl has once again, ended up there. The team the Patriots will be playing are the shockingly good, Los Angeles Rams. This team hasn’t been in the Super Bowl since 2001. The odds may be in their favor, but the NFL always has a way of doing things to build the legacy of Tom Brady and the Patriots.

It really is a wonder who will win in this heavyweight match up. Most of the American football fans are throwing their support behind the Rams because they are sick of seeing Tom Brady win Super Bowls. With everyone rooting against them, there is no doubt that the Patriots will come with their best game plan and many Patriots fans will come out of the woodworks in the upcoming weeks. So if you see people crawling out of the woods, that is probably just a herd of bandwagon fans waiting to jump on the Patriot wagon. It’s best to not approach them, just watch from afar. They haven’t been known to be an aggressive breed until a game is on the line and they suddenly care for the team. If one of them approaches you, tread lightly. They may be easily upset if you start talking about the pending big game and have an opposing view. Smile and nod until they walk away and then you can breathe your sigh of relief because you survived the interaction unscathed.

All of us will be VERY surprised if the Patriots end up pulling off the win on Feb 3, 2019. Be cautious of those bandwagon fans on Feb 4 because they will be out in full force if their team wins. But if they lose, it’s best to avoid them altogether. Give them a few days to adjust to the feeling of triumph or failure before you remind them that they didn’t even like that team before they made it to the Super Bowl. If one of these fans hurts you, we apologize, but we told you not to approach them, so who’s fault is it really?

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