Cam Parrucci-

The “self proclaimed coolest professor on campus,” Dr. Awesome, has been fired.

Throughout a seriously grueling semester of Art History 101, students were forced to memorize dozens of art pieces by name, period and artist, as per the course requirements.

However, as he is known to do, Dr. Awesome cut a deal with his students – if one of his students were to get over 50,000 retweets on a tweet, he would cancel the final.

The tweet quickly went viral, quickly surpassing the 50,000 tweet goal, and was noted by celebrities and students all over the world.

Staying true to his world and strict always-cool policy, Dr. Awesome has cancelled the final.

Shortly after this was announced, the provost had caught wind of the illegal final cancellation and fired Dr. Awesome.

“I don’t know where anything like this would ever realistically happen,” said one member of the review board, “It’s absurd. Did the students even learn anything in that class? As cool as Dr. Awesome was, we had to fire him.”

“This is so dumb,” said Freshman Angie Fitzgerald, a student of Dr. Awesome, “We worked hard for those retweets, why should we have to take the final? It was a binding agreement!”

The students’ final has been rescheduled during Finals Week, much to the dismay of the class.

Dr. Awesome will be missed and remembered, according to students.

“The campus just feels a lot less cool, y’know?” Fitzgerald remarked. “Something’s just not right anymore.”

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