Ryan Cook-

With the years-long process of recreating the historic building now officially complete, many professors have expressed their gratitude for finally being able to meet up with the several wasps that routinely found their way into their classrooms back in the day.

Professor Neil Paulson, an esteemed professor of sociology here at UWStout, was one of the first faculty members to reunite with the popular group of wasps and couldn’t be happier. “We got together down at one of the bars in town and probably talked for at least three hours. It was also great to not get stung this time.”

Professor Paulson and the wasps have always had a positive relationship, even when one of them got under his glasses to sting his eyelid. “It’s not every day that you get to have at least four or five wasps fly into your classroom mid-lecture. Well, in most other buildings on campus it isn’t.”

Several other faculty members have been spotted nearby a wasp or two, with only a few of them running in fear or swatting at the air around their heads.

The renovation process for the Harvey Hall building was years in the making, and the masterminds behind it had lots of things in mind to keep the landmark close to its original state.

Professor Paulson, the building’s chief architectural consultant, emphasized the importance of preserving the building’s historical accuracy. “We’ve gone on record mentioning the general architecture and lighting of the building, and how we wanted it to match the hall’s past design. One of the other biggest things we had heard from our professors and faculty was the wasps. We knew how many people get stung seemingly out of nowhere on their first day, so it would’ve been wrong not to keep that tradition going after renovating the place.”

After years of hard work and dedication it can finally be said that the renovation team has met its goal, with several professors already being treated for severe wasp-related injuries within the first month of classes. The hive itself has yet to be located, but it’s expected to produce enough wasps to give everyone who enters Harvey Hall a wasp-related anecdote for years to come.

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