Ryan Cook-

According to a recent study, more than two-thirds of the many apartment buildings adjacent to the UWStout campus were said to be haunted by some form of malicious spirit.

None of the landlords or agencies that tend to the residences have commented on this report, though it’s expected that some form of ghost busting will need to take place in order to bring the numbers down to regulation levels.

“It’s not a big surprise, but it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed,” said Chet Tuttleson, a student living in an especially haunted apartment. “I’ve lost three roommates to the spirits of old fraternity members this year alone. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but subletting their rooms is such a hassle.”

Other tenants of the apartment in question confirmed Tuttleson’s story, citing multiple occasions where acquaintances lost their lives as a result of an unseen entity’s meddling in the mortal plane. One student even tried emailing us pictures, but they caused our computer to melt into a puddle.

Objects and students being possessed isn’t the only way that these alleged spirits are attempting to haunt Menomonie. Some buildings are completely vanishing, only to reappear weeks later in different parts of town. One apartment on 7th Street went missing for months, leaving seven UWStout students homeless until it returned later last week. Unfortunately, it came back flipped completely upside down, with every piece of furniture still in place as if it were all glued down.

Initially, it was suspected that the spirits were in fact former students of UWStout who felt the need to remain on this plane of existence after death. Further investigation has actually revealed that the likely cause is entirely based on the appearance of the buildings themselves.

“The more run-down an apartment looks, the more [spirits] you’ll find there,” said local ghost expert William DeMinsk. “What kind of self-respecting ghost would bother haunting a brand new house? That’d just be in poor taste, if you ask me.” Students living in haunted apartments are being advised to try fixing things up a little bit, even if it’s just one coat of paint.

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