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If you have been in the current University of Wisconsin–Stout recreation center, it is almost always occupied by student-athletes who don’t have enough equipment in their specific training rooms. The Rec Complex Committee has come up with three different plans to be voted on to change the recreation complex with.

The top four identified needs for the recreation center are the addition of a fitness space and cardio space, revamped locker rooms, an indoor open recreation space and an outdoor turf field (which is currently in progress as of the summer of 2019). Based on those needs, as well as the ones the Rec Complex Committee saw when comparing the Stout campus to others, they came up with three different options for improvement.

With Option A, there will be small improvements made to the recreation center. Option A plans to recycle the pool area into a multi-use gymnasium facility and improve privacy, inclusivity and availability of locker rooms.

“The school is looking into making the facilities as inclusive as possible with gender-neutral options. We have looked at other UW schools to see how they are doing it as well, to gain ideas,” said Gary Gust, UW-Stout Campus Planner.

When it comes to Option B, they will include Option A’s improvements to the facility along with adding more to the building. They will add a dedicated area to fitness that includes strength training, cardio and fitness studio space. On top of that, the facility will have a single entry point that they are talking about putting some kind of juice bar with food into. With this, they will relocate the athletic weight room to the current fitness center and convert the existing athletic weight room into a multi-use studio and/or classroom space.

As for Option C, students would gain the things offered in both Option A and B and more. Option C is a plan for a second-floor addition of a multi-use court and walking/jogging track. There would also be space dedicated to open recreation. This option will create a lot of natural light for students which has its own health benefits. As with Option B, students wouldn’t have membership fees, they would just have the segregated fees added to their student tuition each year.

For more information or to ask questions of your own, the Rec Complex Committee will be at the Wellness Fair on 3 Arpril. The email for students to cast their vote on which option they want will be sent out on 11 April.

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