By Devon Cavic —

If hardcore music is your thing and you weren’t at the free concert featuring Until We are Ghosts and Household put on by Blue Devil Productions on Feb. 12, then you missed out.

The opening band Until We are Ghosts from Rochester, New York started off their set by calling everyone in the crowd closer to the stage to be a part of the music. The lead vocalist, Rob Anders, remained on the floor in front of the stage for the band’s nine song set, getting up close and personal with the crowd.

Throughout the set, Anders gave the audience an insight to the inspiration behind each song, allowing the crowd to truly appreciate the music. Halfway through the set the crowd grew and so did the energy as people began to nod in appreciation of the music. As the band head-banged their way through the hour, beads of sweat started to fly off their foreheads.

After the set, the band cleared off the stage and went over to their merchandise table to meet their fans. Some of the crowd dispersed and a couple of newcomers showed up to watch the Minneapolis band Household take the stage. Fans moved in close while the band did a quick mic check and a short introduction before starting right into the first song. The band had a lot of energy, jumping in the air and throwing their heads back and forth throughout the entire set. The energy was contagious and by the second song members of the crowd were singing into the microphone with lead vocalist Joshua Gilbert. As the set went on, members of the crowd released their energy and emotions with carefully executed punches, kicks and spins. During the last half of the set the band gave the crowd a preview of their new music.

The most exciting moment of the night was halfway through Household’s set when Gilberts pulled out a scissors and cut off his ponytail symbolizing the band’s new beginning and their new album.

Both bands had great energy that was well received by the crowd. Each of them commented about trying to stretch their 20-minute sets into an hour, which they managed to do quite well. The night was filled with energy, emotion and the synergy of hardcore music.

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