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Deadpool is one of the first proper superhero movies to come out, in my opinion, and it’s not even a superhero movie. The film built off of the gritty TV shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones, by means of showing the audience real fight scenes, but kept the appropriate comedic air for a Deadpool film. Which is hilarious.


Here we go. Deadpool. This was the first R-rated movie I’d seen in a long time and holy chimichangas, was it amazing. If you’ve ever wanted the perfect balance of superpowers, humor and badass fight scenes you should go see this movie. The movie lives up to the name of Deadpool and it’s a miracle.   


For those of you who don’t know, Deadpool, played by Ryan Renalds, is a comic book character like no other. He is not a superhero, but a mercenary, or “merc-with-a-mouth.” And this movie isn’t about saving a damsel in distress (well partly) or stopping an evil mastermind from taking over the world (again kinda-sorta). It’s a good old fashioned revenge story that keeps its humor dark and yet childishly perverted. I’m having troubles describing it, but here is what I know:

  The movie did the original material justice (not the actual plot, but the overall feel of Deadpool).

  The movie looks so good it hurts.

  This movie makes you flinch due to gruesomeness.

  But then laugh pretty quickly after so it all levels out.

  It manages to stay genuine throughout the ridiculousness.


I’m truly impressed the material was able to stay as R-rated as it was for a Marvel superhero movie. I hope it bodes well for future superhero movies as they creep into the R ratings.


Now let me gush over the marketing done for Deadpool because I have never seen such material appropriate marketing before. Look up Deadpool commercials and you’ll find a plethora of actual movie clips, but you’ll also find testicular and breast cancer awareness campaigns, bizarre foreign product promotion and fourth-wall breaking invitations. To me, nothing could have advertised this movie better than Deadpool being himself.


Make sure to stay after all of the credits. Seriously. Why would you leave at this point in your Marvel movie watching career? Take a hint people!


Overall, this movie just did it all. I’m 110 percent biased because I love the character but, oh well. Since when have I been good at this movie rating thing anyways?




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