By Kelly Senter

The University of Wisconsin–Stout Student Senate is getting revamped!

The students that make up the senate at UW–Stout are charged with improving life here on campus. They act as the voice of the student body so that we can keep tweaking the college experience to better suit the people that attend our college.

In the past, there were 26 seats in the senate, and that number will remain the same. The people who fill those seats are getting more structure though. The seats are being changed into more specific positions include the senators of student life services, senators of student affairs, senators of fiscal management, senator of first year experience, senator of Greek life, senator of on-campus residence, senator of physical development and senator of technology.

All of the changes are designed to create more structure so it is easier for the senate to get more done efficiently and effectively. Before these changes were brought up there was a lack of focus. That’s not to say that nothing was accomplished, it was just harder to find a place to start.

“The changes will make the senate more cohesive and help it to make more sense to students,” said SSA President Juliana Lucchesi.

The new system aims to apply a divide and conquer kind of mentality and have specific jobs or areas for each or a small group of senators to focus. Not only that, but it will also play on each individual’s strengths. Many senatorial positions are open to all students, however some are more specific. The graduate senator must be a graduate student; likewise the senator of first year experience must be a freshman.

The senator of Greek life’s seat is also seeing some changes. The Inner Greek Council will still recommend one of their members to the senate and alternate between a member of a fraternity and a sorority.

The senator of athletics, senator of international relations, sports club senator and senator of veteran relations’ jobs will all remain the same.

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