What field are you planning on going into?

I haven’t really decided what field to go into yet. So far, the jobs I’ve been looking at have all been content creation related, but I’ve also applied for a few marketing/PR positions. I’ve also looked into copy editing.


Where do you plan to start your career?

I am planning on living in the Twin Cities after I graduate.


What has been your favorite experience while at Stout?

My favorite experience while at Stout was probably the first few weeks of freshman year. I met a lot of great people and I had an amazing time finding out what being away at college was really like. It seemed like there were so many new things to try and it really helped me branch out and develop as a person.


Any advice for underclassmen/incoming freshman?

Try new things, especially if you don’t think you’ll be good at them. Trying new things is super important now, because this is a rare opportunity to try and fail without any real consequences. If you get outside your comfort zone, you might find that you’re better than you thought you were, and if not, then you’ll still have gained a valuable experience. Knowing what you DON’T want to do is just as important as knowing what you DO want to do.

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