Lukas Medin, a University of Wisconsin-Stout senior and a video production major is making a short film, titled “Shots.” The film was initially going to be made for a one-minute film contest online before he realized the story wouldn’t fit within the time restraint. He decided that it would be better for his honors contract. 

“Shots” is a revenge thriller with influences from Lynne Ramsay’s “You Were Never Really Here” and Panos Cosmatos’s “Mandy.” Both films were heavily told through visuals and Medin was inspired to make his without dialogue. 

“It’s very difficult to say without giving a lot away because there are a few twists and turns in there,” Lukas said when asked what the film is about. “But essentially, if I could describe it, it’s about a man grieving his sorrows away in a bar where events take place that reveal his true nature, his true self.”

Of course, making a film isn’t something one would consider effortless. For “Shots” in particular, finding times where all actors could get together and time restraints were prominent issues. 

Despite this, the making of “Shots” was a good time for those involved. “Another thing I love about the process is working with people on the project—other people and actors. Even though we’re shooting this really serious film, [we] have like a ten-minute-long blooper reel of just people screwing around and having a good time” said Medin. 

Some advice Medin gives to those working on entertainment, or those who plan to is to never underestimate the importance of project management (such as scheduling and preparing resources), expect problems to arise and tolerate ambiguity in the filmmaking process. He described filming as problem solving because there will always be complications faced on set. A director and the actors working on something like this must also be enthusiastic and align on the same vision for a film to be successful.

This is the first time Lukas’s work is being shown in a film festival and he plans on submitting it into more. So far, it is receiving positive feedback from those who have viewed it. “Shots” will be shown in the Eau Claire film festival on Nov. 9.

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