By Abigail Broderdorf

During this time of year there always seems to be an over-abundance of the gooey, sugary, adorable Peeps purchased to eat, decorate the table and fill Easter baskets. These marshmallow favorites, coated in dyed sugar and available in various-shaped animals, have a cult following: Peep apparel, Peep-flavored lip balm, Peep deliciously sweet scented candles and Peep baking and diorama contests.

If you think Peeps are one dimensional in terms of eating, think again. A new tradition may be underway.

Essentially, Peeps are just glorified colored marshmallows. What is one favorite marshmallow treat amongst kids of all ages? S’mores! What do you get when you cross a S’more with a Peep? Smeeps! Paired with the traditional graham cracker and chocolate-square, the addition of a Peep livens up the standard snack with a bright burst of color and flavor. S’mores come together quickly in the microwave for a nostalgic snack anytime of the year, but it is more fun of course with the iconic Easter treat.


  •       1 Chocolate bar
  •       2 Graham crackers
  •       1 Marshmallow Peeps


  1. Break chocolate bar in half.
  2. Place in the center of a graham cracker.
  3. Heat in microwave for about 20 seconds or until just starting to soften.
  4. Place Peep on microwave safe plate and heat for about eight seconds, just until it starts to expand.
  5. Place Peep immediately on top of graham cracker with softened chocolate.
  6. Top with another graham cracker and press graham crackers together lightly.

Yield: 1 Smeep

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Photo submitted by Abigail Broderdorf

Photo caption: The old-time favorite S’more gets a vibrant update with the addition of a sparkly Peep. These can be made in the oven as well: top graham cracker with chocolate square and Peep, bake at 350°F for three to five minutes and then top with second graham cracker. Squish down gently!

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