By Eric Koeppel —

Police investigated the theft of a white board from the lobby of South Hall over the weekend. They were able to identify the student, who lives off campus, and cite him for the theft. The white board apparently was destroyed before it could be recovered and the University will be seeking restitution. “Breaking Bad” producer Vince Gilligan just signed a deal with Netflix to create a crime-drama based on this thrilling incident.

A former student left campus without returning a camera he borrowed from the library. A warrant will be issued for his arrest on charges of theft. On the bright side, he has gotten two new Instagram followers ever since he started posting those high-quality selfies.

Police are investigating a crash in lot 18 where a driver was trying to park and struck a parked car.  The striking vehicle left, but not before displaying his license plate to a cooperative witness, who thought “H1T N RUN” was a pretty easy license plate to remember.



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