Menomonie has a new late-night eatery offering unique dishes

By Abigail Broderdorf

There is a new eatery in town, but don’t expect to go right after class. Stacked opened its doors for business on Thursday, April 10 at 10 p.m. That’s right: 10 p.m. Only serving those with late-night cravings between 10 p.m and 3 a.m. on Thursdays through Saturdays, Stacked is plating affordable home-cooked food for the night owls in town.

“The late night options for the community are extremely limited, and we wanted to offer home cooked, satisfying food, to our customers. There isn’t much available downtown besides pizza after 10 p.m., so we decided to fill that void,” said co-owner Stacy Gregerson.

Gregerson and other co-owner Tosha Larson, both with a background in the restaurant industry, considered opening a restaurant in Menomonie for some time, but could not find the right space with the right price. When the “for rent” sign was posted for a small vacancy on Broadway Street, Gregerson and Larson knew they had to take their chance.

“We had a really small budget for start-up so every option was carefully considered.  Our original idea was a bit more basic, and it took collective creativity to achieve the look we were going for, from our plywood floors to thrift store accents,” said Gregerson.

Gregerson said she and Larson wanted to keep the menu simple with only a few key ingredients, yet offer a variety of grab-and-go options from appetizers and sides to sandwiches and rolls.

“We have so many different things to offer, and everything is homemade. Some of our items are unlike anything you will get anywhere else, even in daytime hours,” said Gregerson.

While Gregerson exclaims her favorite item on the small-portioned menu is the spicy coleslaw, eaten with chips in a pita or just alone plain. Larson sticks to the chips and salsa with guacamole. However, one dish that Gregerson says can’t be missed is the deep fried crepe, claiming customers will be hooked even if they don’t have a sweet tooth.

The decadent crepe is a delicate spring roll wrapper packed full of fresh berries and creamy cheesecake and then deep fried to crispy perfection. It is finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon powdered sugar and a drizzle of caramel and homemade berry sauces.

Also on the menu: egg rolls, Mac and Cheese bites, loaded potato chips and roasted meats with three versions of pulled pork and two of pulled beef—each representing a cultural spin on the traditional meat.

“Stacked is about taking a few ingredients and getting creative. We based most of our menu around pulled pork and beef, but didn’t want to be entirely traditional. By way of our own crafted sauce recipes, seasonings and garnishes, we are able to offer a more interesting menu,” said Gregerson.

The Mexican pulled pork roll has green peppers, nacho cheese and salsa whereas the Wisconsin pulled pork version has cheese curds, coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Thai pulled pork is offered, too, with bean sprouts, peanuts and pad Thai sauce.

Pulled beef is served either Greek (cucumber dill sauce, cucumbers and tomatoes) or American (green peppers, onions and nacho cheese) style.

The menu allows you to choose between flat bread sandwiches or small deep fried rolls. Customers can choose to eat one, three or six stacks of rolls ranging between $1.75 to $8.50.

Only two employees work at Stacked: Gregerson and Larson themselves. Larson mans the counter and is eager to walk customers through the menu while Gregerson can be found in the kitchen waiting to prepare all the dishes with a quick one to five minute wait for the fresh food. Customers can, however, always call ahead to place an order when the late-night craving hits.

“Whether you are part of the bar scene, just getting off of work or taking a late stroll down Broadway, we want to have something for you to enjoy,” said Gregerson.

Stacked accepts credit cards and cash, and is located at 617 S. Broadway Ave. between The Flame and The Den. To learn more about Stacked and view current specials, visit Stacked’s Facebook page at

Photo should be taken this weekend

Photo Caption: “Our goal is to stay close to the prices of other grab and go places available at this time of night, so you can enjoy a delicious meal before heading home for the night without hurting your budget,” said co-owner Stacy Gregerson.


“I think what makes us unique is what we’ve done with such a tiny space. We boast possibly the smallest kitchen in any restaurant in town, but refuse to let that limit our menu,” said co-owner Stacy Gregerson.


Co-owner Stacy Gregerson says Stacked will succeed in Menomonie because of “being efficient and inventive with our resources, and our dedication to being consistent in the quality of our food. But really, it’s our customers who will support us and continue to push us toward success.”


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