Ryan Cook-

In what is being hailed as a significant loss of a piece of Menomonie history, the United States government recently announced its acquisition of Stephen’s old apartment for use in a new pipeline that would transport crude oil from northern Canada down to refineries in Texas.


Steven and his roommates, collectively known as “the boys” have hosted several notable jams, get-togethers, hang sessions and ragers over the two years of their residence. The apartment became famous for being the best place where you could get as wasted as you wanted without any fear, as David’s uncle was a cop or something. “It’s completely unfair. Now we’re gonna have to party at Danny’s place, and he’s the worst,” said Duane Rogers, one of Stephen’s roommates. “Not to mention that we were living in that apartment. That’s important too, I guess.”

Protests against the pipeline had been held in front of the apartment for months, though it was hard to tell who was protesting and who was just enjoying a cold one with the boys out on the front lawn.

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