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On February 15, 2022, UW-Stout’s first Great Colleges to Work for Survey was officially opened.

This is the first year that UW-Stout is administering the Great Colleges to Work for Survey to all of its employees through ModernThink, LLC, which is a “…strategic organizational development and management consulting firm that focuses on workplace excellence”, according to Meridith Wentz, the Assistant Chancellor of Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality. Wentz went on to explain the reasons for making the switch to a national survey. 

“In previous years, we have used a homegrown survey; however, this year we transitioned to a national survey.  The benefits of using a national survey include receiving data on how we compare to national and peer comparison groups and benefiting from an instrument that has gone through validity and reliability testing.” 

More information regarding ModernThink, LLC can be found on their website here

This survey was available to all UW-Stout employees to take, with the aim of collecting data about Stout as a work environment in order to make improvements where needed, Wentz went on to say. 

“UW-Stout regularly collects data from faculty and staff about the experience at UW-Stout, which we use to make continuous improvements to the environment for working and learning.  For example, the survey results will be reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group to assess progress toward our strategic planning (FOCUS2030) goals.  They will be reviewed by our Employee Retention committee to inform further action items on our Employee Success University Action Plan.  They will be reviewed by the Chancellor’s Cabinet for university-level action items.  They will be shared with the campus, and may be used by other committees, units, and colleges.”

This survey will help to make Stout a better environment in which to work and learn for  both staff and students alike. 

At midnight on March 8, 2022, the Great Colleges to Work for Survey will be officially closed. 

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