By  Garrett Aleckson —

Chanting is a big tradition in sports. Teammates chant to each other so that they are involved in the game and because it helps teammates become closer. Although there are general chants that are specific to the sport being played, each team has different chants that they use throughout games.

The University of Wisconsin–Stout’s baseball team has many chants. Outfielder Samuel Arnott (Sr, Tomahawk, Wis.) says that the team uses chants to motivate each other, or just simply to get into the opposing players’ head, saying:

“We call these ‘chirps.’ The reason we do this is to have fun, stay engaged in the game to try to get in the head of the opponent.”

Fans attending their games might be able to catch some of the general chants, but the team has many unique chants that people might not know. Pitcher Adam Widdler (Sr, Wauwatosa, Wis.) explains many of their unique chirps.

“Here are a few we routinely do:

  •      ‘Sssssspppppppoooottttttttttttt’ means our pitcher made a really good pitch and the umpire called a ball, so we’re polity letting him know it was a strike.
  •      ‘Leave it for a low flying bird’ means the opposing team’s pitcher throws a high pitch, so we want our batter to not swing and leave it for a low flying bird.
  •      We say, ‘get him a bucket, he’s throwing up’ when the opposing team’s pitcher throws a high pitch, or throws up.
  •      ‘Leave it for a hungry worm’ is said when an opposing pitcher throws a ball in the dirt.
  •      We say ‘he’s faaaaaaassssssssttttttttt’ any time a Stout player steal a bag.
  •      ‘Got em’!’ is said any time our pitcher attempts to pick off a runner on base.
  •      ‘Gooooosssseeeeee!’ is something we yell any time a Stout player hits a double. He makes a goose with his arm and we yell goose.
  •      When a Stout player hits a triple, we do Rue’s whistle from the Hunger Games, and then the bench all puts up the ‘Mockingjay’ hand symbol.
  •      We say ‘weight room!’ any time a teammate hits the warning track, referring to his need to be stronger to hit a home run.
  •      We yell ‘boot!’ when the opposing team bobbles a ball.”

In regards to these chirps, they’re just to support each other, says Arnott, “The majority of our yelling is basically nonsense backing our guys.”

Now Stout baseball fans can make sense of these chirps while watching and cheering on the team.

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