Cameron Parrucci

After a summer of intense training, the Blue Devils Football entered the 2017 football season with a lot to prove, and prove the Blue Devils did.


After a shut-out game against Simpson to open the season, the Blue Devils beat out the fourth ranked team in the nation, St. Thomas. The star of both games? New freshman running back star, Larshawn Mynch.


Mynch, the 215-pound freshman from Oakland, California, is bringing Blue Devil Football all the way to the top. Since signing with Stout, Mynch has brought a much-needed burst of energy on and off the field, becoming a quick fan and player favorite. Coach Clayt Birmingham had this to say, “Mynch has been a great team player; we haven’t had this much chemistry on the field in a long time.  As long as we keep playing our hearts out, this is going to be a great season.”


The 31-year-old has already scored four touchdowns this season in the first two games, with his eyes set on breaking Stout football records during his run with the Blue Devils for the next few years.


Stoutonia was lucky enough to sit down with Mynch for a short interview. When asked about his mindset for the season, Mynch told us, “I know I’m going to get got. But I’m going to get mine more than I get got, though.” This inspiring quote is the mindset the team has as they continue the season and make it one for the record books.


“I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” Mynch said as he finished the interview.

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