Megan Hazuga-

The 2010 Stout graduates Tressa Tice and Julianne Zales have recently announced their plans to renovate the acclaimed Jeff’s Pizza. The day after Christmas, there was a Facebook post stating their idea of bringing a “downtown San Fran-esque” restaurant to the city of Menomonie. The Facebook page titled “Donny’s Place” posted the following:

“We are so excited to announce the approval of our plans to bring an eco-friendly restaurant with an “at-home” vibe for all of our homesick Stout students.”

According to Tice, the main feature of the new restaurant will be “already-been-dined meals,” as in, leftovers and silverware will be shared between customers. Tice said this method will reduce waste and make diners “really feel at home.”


Zales mentioned other features of the eatery as well, including their family dog, Bruce, who will personally jump on customers and lick their faces as they enter. The pooch can also be found begging for food and maybe even stealing it out of people’s hands.

“We really wanted to make it as realistic as possible, so you’ll also find my estranged uncle, Walter, staring at the waitress’ breasts and maybe even groping you here or there. He means well and all, that’s just how he is, you know?” Zales stated.


Tice also explained that the employment options are as casual as they come, as they only have to actually cook a couple meals a day, since everything is then eaten cold.

“If you want your food warm, there’s a microwave from 1996 in the back. Though you might get some heat from my dad, Donny, for ‘wasting energy,’” Tice said.

The restaurant is set to open by August 2017, and the opening day will feature half-eaten ice cream cones and stale potato chips that Zales found in the backseat of her car. With all of the recent events, Zales and Tice believe this restaurant will be “ground-breaking,” and encourage students to return to their roots.