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In addition to record enrollment rates this year, University of WisconsinStout has also hit a new record high in post-graduation employment. For the third year in a row, the number has increased, and this year the number is 97.4 percent.


The 2015-2016 graduates had an employment rate of 97.4 percent; the 2013-2014 graduates were at 97.3 percent and the 2012-2013 graduates were at 97.1 percent. These numbers have been steadily increasing now for the past three years, and it looks like they will only keep going up.


Career Services plays a huge role in contributing to students finding jobs. The Career Conference organized by Career Services every semester allows students to find internships, which can very often lead to jobs upon or before graduation.


Kaylee Court, a senior in the Hospitality Restaurant and Tourism Management program, is one student who knows the value of internships and being in a major that affords so many employment opportunities. Court says, “I went into the program thinking I was only interested in the restaurant side of the major. I am now interested in golf course management and hotels.”

Chancellor Bob Meyer also talked about an economic impact study. One statistic the study showed was that for every dollar a UW–Stout student invests, they receive $3.50 more in additional earnings, making for a 15 percent return on investment. Likewise, taxpayers received a 14.6 percent return on investment for every dollar invested into UW–Stout.


Court says she is excited to graduate and start working at the golf course she has a job at. Choosing UW–Stout led her down a path that broadened her horizons and caused her to look further than what she initially thought her interests were. By opening herself up to more aspects of the major, she says she is now prepared to work in whatever environment the hospitality field offers.


Chancellor Emeritus Charles W. Sorensen was in charge of attaining the polytechnic designation for the university, and it has since paid off. Chancellor Meyer also announced on March 7 that the polytechnic designation has helped, and still continues to help, UW–Stout focus as an institution.


These numbers show real progress and promise that choosing UW–Stout is a good investment into one’s future. Since enrollment has also been going up for the past three years, it is evident that more people are seeing the benefit of choosing a polytechnic university.

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