Megan Hazuga-

Another homecoming has come and gone, and not only was it a celebration of 125 years of Stout, but it also marked the modification of a tradition that’s been around for almost 80 years. A couple weeks prior to our beloved homecoming, Blue Devil Productions announced that there will no longer be a homecoming king or queen, but instead they will be replaced with a group of eight students named Stout Ambassadors.

The process of naming these student Ambassadors took place Friday Oct.7 at 9 p.m., following a performance by comedian Jeff Scheen. The Memorial Student Center Ballroom was about half full, and more than half of those students shuffled out once Jeff Scheen finished his performance. Even though this changing of a tradition seemed to have some controversy on campus, when it came down to it, the remaining crowd of students seemed indifferent.

The eight students who were selected to represent Stout are: Josh Carr, Elliott Gaddis, Brianne Hanne, Trever Koester, Kyle Lindberg, Megan Matheny, Nicholas Mrdutt, Kennedy Navis, Carol Vang, Grace Weber and Jessi Weber.

As well as the Stout Ambassadors, BDP also gives out a Spirit Award, which is determined through a series of challenges throughout homecoming week. These challenges included Penny War, the Couch-a-Thon, Soapbox Derby and a banner competition. Whichever organization on campus does the best in these events receive the Stout Spirit Award. For the last 6 years that has been the sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma, and that didn’t change this year either.

“We spend a lot of time preparing and strategizing for everything we do all week,” said MacKaulie Krantz, who has been a member of the sorority for the last four years. “We are really organized through our chapter and spend a lot of time working towards this, and we pride ourselves in our involvement on campus. This is just really great and something that we love to put effort into.”

Upon attending the ceremony that gave the titles to these students, it seemed that students had more enthusiasm about the Spirit Awards than the Stout Ambassadors. Regardless, it is hoped that the Stout Ambassador tradition will stick around and become a staple to Stout’s homecoming.