Sam Baeseman is a freshman in art education who also wants to major in either Entertainment Design or Game Design.

What sparked your interest to go into Art Education and, hopefully, Game design?

My high school was really great, and they have like an amazing staff, Really supportive of the arts. They presented a lot of options for how you can get involved with things. It was through that that I considered art an option for me. I originally started with wanting to teach art because the role models that were there were really great, but when I started talking with people in college and those in the field I started to understand that it could be viable to get a job doing concept art, which is what I really want to do.

Were there any particular projects that stood out to you while you were in high school?

Well there is the skeletal project that I have hanging in my dorm, the teacher for that one was very good at creating projects that are entertaining on the surface but also teach you the concepts of drawing and art in kind of a subliminal sort of way. So, that project, for example, focuses on anatomy and realistic inking, hatching and crosshatching, where you take a cartoon character and then come up with the skeletal anatomy for them.

Have you done any projects outside of academia?

I like to do some ceramic stuff outside of school. I’m involved in some summer camp things that pertain to that. Kind of like ceramic retreats. I also do some drawing outside as well, I like using chalk pastels, they’re really fun for portraits along with ink work and digital art. Right now I’m working on a project with my drawing teacher who wants to make it into a project for his class, where you are designing like a soda label or soda design with like a mascot and doing graphic design for all that stuff.

Do you take influence from any other artists or designers in particular?

So, definitely the ceramics and 2D teachers I had through high school were very influential to me, but beyond that there are a couple people whose artwork I follow pretty closely and am a big fan of. There is Robbie Trevino, who lives in California, he does really interesting anatomical but abstract anatomy kind of artwork. It’s mostly pencil, ink, and digital artwork. There is also Shawn G Wood, who does a lot of artwork for like Dungeons and Dragons books, which is something I would really like to do in the future is work for them in some sort of way that’s what really motivates me in that regard.

What’s your plan after college?

I may end up dropping the Art Education and continuing on the Game or Entertainment Design route and then go back to Madison to get my teaching license and then substitute teach as a side job and pay for things. I want to work on personal freelance artwork, graphic design, concept art, and try to get myself out there.