By SSA President Juliana Lucchesi

Every April, the University Student Senate holds elections for Executive and Senator Positions. The Stout Student Association is the governing student group charged with advocating on behalf of students when the university determines policies and priorities. The Student Senate also allocates all student fees and assists in the allocation of tuition dollars. Positions up for election are president, vice-president, organizational affairs and a most of the senator positions.

Students who have missed the elections can host a write-in campaign found on Orgsync and follow the same rules as the candidates. Senator positions might also be open in the fall for student interested in the organization.

President and vice-president candidates run as a ticket and will appear together on the April 17 ballot. There was only one ticket submitted for the president and vice-president ticket and organizational affairs director, but students are still encouraged to run a write-in-campaign. The following candidates are running for election:


Amerika Vang – President

Senior at the UW–Stout

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Coaching

Emphasis: Supply Chain Management

Experience with the UW–Stout and Menomonie community:

I was born in St. Paul, Minn., but my family moved to Menomonie and I grew up here. With my years here at UW–Stout, I have been exposed to a different community held within the borders of the UW–Stout itself. I have been able to see the similarities and differences between the two.

 Experience with the SSA:

For the past academic year I have been a part of the SSA. The year before, I have worked closely with the Financial Affairs Committee to allocate monies for the Hmong Stout Student Organization. Throughout this entire academic year, I have worked closely with the Educational Activities Committee, the ESURC and PRC faculty led governance.

Personal statement:

I think running for president will be a difficult task to accomplish. I understand the position requires direct communication between the student body, administration of the university and the Menomonie community. What I wish to accomplish while holding this position is to share with my constituents what SSA has and can provide on campus. I want to be able to break down silos with students to fully understand what the SSA can really provide for campus other than funding for student organizations.

Esuvat Mollel – Vice President

Junior at the UW–Stout

Double major: Business Administration and Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

Experience with the UW–Stout and Menomonie community:

As a Business Administration and Hospitality major, I have had the chance to work with my fellow students on projects that involved us going out into the community to learn how business function and how they impact the community around them. As a treasurer for Black Student Union and a supporter for other student organizations, I have been able to form relationships with students and encourage organizations to work together and support each other.

Experience with the SSA:

First Year:

  • Senator on Large

  • Member of the Financial Affairs Committee

    • Disbursed funds to student organizations

Second Year:

  • Director of Diversity

    • Worked to make diversity organizations more aware of SSA

    • Brought issues that affected underrepresented students to light and worked to get conversation started on how to resolve them and make a lasting change

    • Worked to unite diversity organizations together and encourage collaboration

    • Built relationships with faculty and staff who serve underrepresented students (made them aware of the director of diversity position, what its role is and how they can work together with this SSA position)

  • Coordinated the Samuel E. Wood award (application process, advertisement, found members for the selection committee and chair of selection committee)

Personal statement:

I feel that I would be a good fit for the vice president position in SSA because I have been involved in the University Student Senate for two years and would bring a different perspective to the senate. I have experience with how the financial side of SSA works and how to work with students through my role as the director of diversity. I know how to bring people together to work on a common goal.

In this position, I would like to help the president serve the student body. I will aim to form better relationships between SSA, student organizations and the student body as a whole. SSA does a lot for the student organizations and makes decisions that impact the student body; however, not many students realize this or known that we are here to serve them. I believe the key to accomplishing this would be by creating open lines of communication between both parties and forming relationships. The more we know our student body, the better we will be able to help them.

Shelby Schuppe – Organizational Affairs

Senior at the UW–Stout

Major: Applied Social Sciences

Minor: Peace Studies

Emphasis: Anthropology/Sociology and International Studies

Experience with the UW–Stout and Menomonie community:

I am involved all around campus. I work at the Involvement Center desk, which takes care of the organizations in regards to any printing, equipment check-out, storage or mail needs. I also am a Stoutreach coordinator for Ally Initiatives, which gives me close connections to the community through our volunteer opportunities. Along with making connections through Ally Initiatives, I have strong connections to the community through the organization I started, Peace Initiatives, which works closely with the community group Red Cedar Peace Initiatives and other community members who share the same interests. I am also working at the Center for Applied Ethics as an Outreach Assistant, which gives me the chance to expand my marketing skills to the student body. I have also done publicity for Colleges Against Cancer, which requires developing posters and utilizing the skills I learned at the Involvement Desk to get students, community members, faculty and staff involved.

Experience with the SSA:

I am currently the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences senator.

Personal statement:

I believe I would be a good fit for this position because I have worked closely with the organizations on campus at the Involvement Desk and Ally Initiatives as well as through different SSA committees that focus on organizations and engagement. I think it is extremely important that organizations be open to everyone on campus. It is a struggle when an organization is focused on a certain profession or interest. I would like to change the position to work more with the organizations on campus to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of being involved and that they are being inclusive of everyone.

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