Logan J. Glaser/ Stoutonia

Stoutonia has officially partnered with another University of Wisconsin – Stout organization, Radio Blaze. Radio Blaze is a new organization on the UW-Stout campus that began late this past December, in 2021. “Radio Blaze’s mission is to be an outlet for students and organizations to voice their passions, hobbies, and ideas. Our ultimate goal as this outlet for students is for us to do all of this through an audio lens,” according to previous Vice President of Radio Blaze, Daniel Minkin.  

According to Minkin, Radio Blaze has three pillars that revolve around audio content: podcasting, radio, and live shows. “Essentially if you can hear it, we will do it,” says Minkin. Minkin further stated that Radio Blaze has plans to establish an online 2022 fall radio, and to have a big live show event! This is a part of Radio Blaze’s three-year plan to establish themselves as an audio organization necessity here on the UW-Stout campus. 

Stoutonia is Radio Blaze’s first ever partnership! Stoutonia is partnering with Radio Blaze in large part because of Stoutonia’s up-coming podcast hosted by Editor Gracyn Leukam. The podcast will be titled, “The Stoutonia Podcast,” and Stoutonia plans on creating 30-minute episodes every one to two weeks whilst the academic year is active. “I’m excited to add an audio component because I believe it will help our audience feel even more engaged and connected than before. You’ll actually get to hear the voices behind the stories and ideas, possibly additional insight as well,” says Leukam. 

Radio Blaze is currently looking for new members to join their organization and other organizations to partner with. For more information, please contact Radio Blaze’s President, Luke Gifford at giffordl5987@my.uwstout.edu.