Cam Parrucci-

Sophomore Ellie Bennington has become somewhat of a hot topic in her classes this semester for her hot takes and valuable feedback throughout her courses’ required discussion posts.

Her posts have been widely known for featuring effective and relevant arguments in her required replies to the discussion posts made by her classmates. Using common phrases such as “I agree with the points you made here.” Her agreements are followed expertly by a repetition of the points made by her classmates in an effort to reinforce what is required in a response, while easily reaching the word count requirements.

“Her responses to discussion posts are great, repeating the words she repeats herself in my replies make sure I appear to have actually read the discussion posts,” one classmate says. “I do wonder though if she does find every discussion post she reads THAT interesting, you know?”

Bennington, on the other hand, had this to say when asked about her discussion post responses, “It’s important to let my classmates know that I agree with them in my discussion posts, and I tell them that by calling them interesting. I manage to stretch out a simple phrase such as “I agree” into over 300 words, on most occasions.”

Bennington’s contributions to class discussions have not gone unnoticed, as well, more and more students across campus and following in her footsteps with their discussion posts, offering the same no doubt deeply, well thought out replies to the points her classmate had made in the initial post prior. If the newly coined Bennington-style of Discussion Posts continue, no doubt discussion posts will never be the same again, at least on D2L.

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