Katie Schulzetenberg-


Ben Mohr is a University of WisconsinStout sophomore majoring in graphic design. As of now, he is writing songs and creating works in several different mediums of art.


What kind of art interests you?


“I’d say 2D art is the kind that interests me the most. I like that when one is working with a two-dimensional medium, one doesn’t necessarily have the same restraints to reality as a three-dimensional medium would have. It gives one the liberty to make something totally wonky and out there on a whim really. That’s not say that out-of-the-box work can’t be done with a three-dimensional piece, but there’s a certain ease to 2D work that exists for me.”


What are your strengths as an artist?


“I find that my strengths as an artist largely reside in my use of color and texture within my work, and I try to push these to the limit as much as possible when I’m working on a drawing. Overall, I’d say that I have a very impressionistic style (one of my favorite artists is Claude Monet), and I’d say that my texture work is a good showcase of this.”


What art class have you enjoyed?


“So far, I think that the art class that I enjoyed most during my time at Stout was my Drawing II class with Carey Dean. I was given the opportunity to make a few creative pieces (in addition to the usual still life drawings) and even do some on sight drawings within the Mabel Tainter. I also discovered my love of oil pastels (currently my favorite medium) while in this class.”


How would you describe your art?


“In regards to my own work, I’d say that I try to make the viewing of my pieces an experience. I try to make my pieces visually engaging, and I take pride in my attention to detail within my art.”


Are you working on anything right now?


“I am currently studying abroad in the UK, with one of my classes being a fine art studio class. I’m quite excited about this class because I get to choose all of my own projects throughout the course – a liberty that I have never had before. I am currently working on a project that explores the variations of color within and without an environment.”