Devin Leary is a senior in the video production major here at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. He has a passion for film and specializes in helping businesses with film and filming weddings. He likes capturing memories and helping other people promote their products and services.

What got you into wanting to pursue video production?

“So, when I was seven years old, I was a weird kid. I was the kid that, every time he got a DVD of his favorite movie, or a movie he was interested in watching, he would watch the behind-the-scenes instead of watching the actual movie. So, I’ve always been interested in video production and I knew that that was the path I wanted to go into. I have been doing that ever since then.”

Why did you decide to come to UW-Stout?

“I decided to go to Stout because I saw that was the only polytechnical college in Wisconsin that made it hands on. It was one of the few ones that had a good major in what I was doing.”

Is there anyone, in particular, that you take inspiration from?

“I look up a lot to my uncle who does a lot of photos. I have been learning a lot from him. He does a lot with weddings and so do I. I also look up to some of the professors at Stout. I also take inspiration from some of the Youtubers out there. I like watching them and watching what they do. Specifically, Peter McKinnon who is a really good cinematographer. I take inspiration from a lot of movie people, as well. Like Martin Scorsese. I love Martin Scorsese, who’s done the movies “Wolf of Wallstreet,” “Good Fellas,” “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy”.

What is your most note-worthy production so far?

“So last month, I was referred by a professor here to work on a project with a branding expert. So, I edited a video for the branding expert, and it got featured in Forbes and Ink magazine.”

What is your favorite part of the process?

“Every single time you do it, you don’t know fully what it is gonna look like at the end. You have a clear vision, but it won’t turn out exactly right. However, it’s always fun to try and get as close as possible to that finished goal. I really enjoy doing that. I enjoy connecting with people, as well, and making those connections. I’ve even met some ambassadors of Sony, Nikon, and Canon recently at a convention in New York.”

What tips would you have for those starting out?

“Say yes to absolutely everything. No matter how small it seems, do it because I’m sure it will have some impact somewhere. I mean a lot of the things I’ve done; I had no clue that it would end up being what it is. A lot of people, even with smaller projects with other people, will brush them off, but you don’t know what’s going to ever happen with that project.”

How important is communication in your major?

“It plays a huge part. One of the biggest things I would say to anyone going into my major to do while they are here is to network. Meet as many people as you can, make your own personal team, because everybody else knows other things that you don’t know. The best thing to know is that you know nothing. So, having a lot of people in your circle that think a lot like you will help you go a long way in the future.”