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Matt Williams is a Game Design Art Major in the 2D and 3D concentration. Williams enjoys producing music and painting landscapes outside of course work.

What sparked your interest in art?

I always would do coloring books with my grandma and aunt as a kid, and I’ve been really into the art of the Halo games. I wanted to learn how to make art like that.  That’s how I got here.

What styles or mediums do you prefer.

I love to replicate real life with a bic ballpoint pen in my sketchbook and post my doodles on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite things to do in my free time.  Oil painting, watercolors and ceramics are some of my other favorites along with good ‘ole Adobe Photoshop.

Do you take influence from any artists or designers in particular?

Noah Bradley, Aaron Blaise and Van Gogh are my favorites, and anyone that makes hella juicy landscape paintings.

Are there any projects that stood out during your career at stout?

Yeah, in my GDD 325 class I worked my butt off to make almost all the art for a game here called Cracked. I taught myself to get good at animating cute eggs for weeks.  The game never worked because the programmers assigned to my team would rather play PUBG all day and skip more than 8 classes. So the game never worked, and I just have a bunch of unused sprite animations laying around.  It was a great experience overall though because I’m proud of the work I made in that class

What are you plans after graduation?                    

I hope that I can just make some good money making cool art and music in a region of this country that doesn’t get to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit every winter.

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