Bryce Parr-

Gus Johnson is a digital cinema production senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He creates content for YouTube with over 310,000 followers.

When did you first get interested in creating online content?

I started making stupid sketches and videos with my friends when I was in middle school. Once I got to college, I began creating even more short funny videos and posting them to Reddit until they started getting some traction.

How do you approach the content creation process?

I keep a running list of ideas on a Google doc where I regularly pour thoughts, scripts and ideas. If something makes me laugh, I write it down. Once I’ve got an idea, I pull out the equipment, call up some friends and shoot a video.

Which entertainers or internet personalities do you admire most? Do you take influence from anyone in particular?

My favorite YouTubers are h3h3 Productions, iDubbbz, Sugar Pine 7 and Nerdwriter1. I take a lot of influence from the old Good Neighbor Stuff videos, Tim & Eric and Sugar Pine 7.

Have you done any collaborations or projects in the past you were really proud of?

I regularly collaborate with the Sugar Pine 7 team, which I love to do. I’ve also met and shot with a couple bigger YouTubers whose projects haven’t released yet that I am very excited about.

What is in store for the future of your YouTube career?

I will be moving out to LA this summer to continue working full-time on YouTube, as well as beginning a number of professional acting and writing roles that I have lined up.