This issue’s Student-Athlete Spotlight is Caleb Adams, a senior on the University of Wisconsin-Stout football team. Adams is a Supply Chain Management major and is from Rochester, Minnesota.  

Why did you choose Stout?

I decided to come to Stout because of the football coaching staff and the job placement rate. It is also fairly close to home but not too close.

Outside of school and athletics, what are some other things you like to do?

I don’t have a lot of free time outside of school and sports but when I do, I like to hang around with the roommates.

What are a few interesting facts about yourself?

I am also a thrower on the track team as well as during the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Another interesting thing most people don’t know about me is that I can do the Chinese get-up, which is where you lay on your back and kick up to your feet.

Who is your favorite pro-athlete and why?

I would say Tyron Smith who is the left tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. He and I play very similar to one another on how we act on the field and he is, in my opinion, the best tackle in the NFL.

What is your plan after college?

My plans after college are to see how far I can go in my football career and if that doesn’t work out, I hope to pursue a job at Mayo Clinic back in my hometown of Rochester in their Supply Chain department.