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Christian Lucchesi (Jr, Milwaukee, Wis.) is a pole-vaulter on the UWStout track and field team. As a freshman, Christian earned the outdoor pole vault conference title and earned

Coming out of high school, Christian was being recruited by a few different Division I schools. However, he wasn’t quite sure that going to a bigger school and being on scholarship would be the right path for him.

“I was getting recruited by a couple Division I schools and was nervous going on recruit visits, and I wanted to have fun with track instead of making it my full time job and way to pay for college, which was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Christian Lucchesi (Jr, Milwaukee, Wis.) competing in the pole vault at the WIAC championships in Whitewater, Wis.
Christian Lucchesi (Jr, Milwaukee, Wis.) competing in the pole vault at the WIAC championships in Whitewater, Wis.

Another major reason that Christian decided to attend Stout was his concern for the ability to make time for friends and life outside of school and athletics. According to Christian, his sister and another UWStout athlete played a huge role in helping him realize what Stout could offer.

“I was worried I wouldn’t have time for friends or other activities along with track. One of the guys who used to be on the team, Kyle Mills, pursued the same program I am pursuing and gave me advice and confirmation that there is time for everything, you just have to make time. That made me feel more comfortable picking Stout.”

With the spare time that Christian has been able to make between school and athletics, he is able to take part in some creative hobbies.

“Some of my hobbies are carpentry with whatever scrap wood I have in my garage, so far I have a table and a salmon ladder. I am a connoisseur in fitted sheet folding. I also have a degree in pillow fort making.”

What may be even more intriguing than Christian’s hobbies may just be some of the interesting facts about him.

“I have a torn iris in my left eye. I have a valid license in 49 states. I am allergic to Eggo Waffle brand syrup. I can hold my breath for about 2 minutes.”

Christian is definitely an interesting character, and hopefully he will continue to represent the UW–Stout track and field team well.


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