Evan Thue –

This issue’s Student-Athlete Spotlight is Josh Freyholtz, a senior on the University of Wisconsin-Stout men’s track and field team. Freyholtz is an applied science major and is from Hammond, Wisconsin.

Why did you choose Stout?

I chose Stout because I was recruited to compete in the men’s track team and continue my athletic career. I also liked how Stout offered a degree in applied science because I can tailor it to what I want to learn.

Outside of school and athletics, what are some other things you like to do?

While I’m not at practice, I spend most of my time being a resident advisor and a cadaver/advanced anatomy tutor. With whatever time is left, I just like to sit down, watch tv and hang with friends.

What are a few interesting facts about yourself?

I’m one of the few left-handed pole vaulters that exist.

Who is your favorite pro-athlete and why?

Sam Kendricks because he always marks a world lead each season, yet we use the same length of poles.

What is your plan after college?

I would like to attend Mayo School of Health Sciences as a surgical first assistant or continue schooling at Northwestern Health Science University for a doctorate in chiropractic.