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This issue’s Student-Athlete Spotlight is Kyncaide Diedrich, a junior guard on the University of Wisconsin–Stout women’s basketball team and pitcher/outfielder on the softball team. Deidrich is a Early Childhood Education major from Athens, Wisconsin.


Why did you choose Stout?

“I chose Stout because the campus felt like home to me, and my cousin Tanille was an amazing volleyball player here.  Stout also gave me the opportunity to play both of the sports I love.”

Outside of school and athletics, what are some other things you like to do?

“Outside of school and sports, I really like to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy eating and binge-watching Netflix when I have free time.  I also really enjoy watching my younger siblings, Cooper and Kenadi, play sports!”

What are a few interesting facts about yourself?

“Something interesting about me is that my dad was my high school softball coach and my mom was my high school basketball coach, and here I am still playing both sports! Another interesting fact about me is that I have an addiction to fruit roll ups…and when I say addiction I mean addiction.”

Who is your favorite pro-athlete and why?

“My favorite pro athlete is Jordy Nelson because he is so humble and overall a good a guy!  One time, my dad got mistaken for Jordy at the mall. People ran and asked for his autograph and my dad was so confused!”

What is your plan after college?

“My plan after college is to move back to my hometown and teach a second grade class while starting a little family by getting a golden retriever puppy.”

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