Cam Parucci-

Junior Rebecca Horowitz left the Menomonie Goodwill in a state of awe and disappointment and without a costume on Halloween.  

Halloween, according to Horowitz’s Twitter, is far and above her favorite holiday. She had a lot of plans for Halloween costumes. “I tossed around a bunch of costume ideas for Halloween this year, Eleven from Stranger Things, or Harley Quinn or maybe a nurse.”

These plans would unfortunately not come to fruition for Horowitz, as the costume racks were nearly picked clean. Present at the Goodwill was a lone, child-sized Green M&M costume and one rainbow afro wig. On the fly, Horowitz was left to make a costume with a selection of clothes from her closet.

Horowitz’s costume was for a party known about for weeks in advance, but between classes, work, naps and Netflix, planning the costume in advance wasn’t a possibility.

While her costume for the night remains unclear, the fact that this problem will happen every Halloween for years to come is quite clear.

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