By Sam Kilgard —


You never know where your fellow classmates will end up. And, as of late, University of Wisconsin–Stout has been passing  some talented individuals.


Leslie Barlow, a UW–Stout alum, has been commissioned to create six paintings for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium and alum Jeremiah Kremer has been creating his own art for Eau Claire based graphics company Ambient Inks.


Many students have graduated from UW–Stout and gone on to do great things in their chosen careers. Jeremiah Kremer has been doing good things at Ambient Inks. The company itself was started by former UW–Stout students, Tim Brunner and Aaron Brice. They met while pursuing degrees in graphic communication management, became roommates and have been working together ever since.


They started their passion by creating custom shirts for friends and clubs around Stout, eventually their name became bigger and bigger as they moved to Eau Claire and started creating shirts for musical group Bon Iver. Since then, the company has been able to employ several people and is thriving.


Jeremiah’s work is currently available for purchase. His work is described as “partially abstracted and heavily illustrative,” as reported by VolumeOne.


Ambient Inks is located on 524 Water street Eau Claire.


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