By Barb Young —

Name of Organization:

Black Student Union (BSU)


Purpose of Organization:

To provide a safe place for people of color, and otherwise, to come together and address issues related to the black community.


Why is this organization important to have on campus?

It is an important place to regroup each week and express our thoughts and opinions without fear of being judged or put down.


What type of student are you looking to join your organization?

Anyone who is concerned about issues involving race and culture. We also welcome anybody who is looking to learn about Black culture.


Why should students join your org?

Students should join so that they can create new connections and thus learn things that they otherwise wouldn’t in classrooms. Also, students who often ask “Why are [they] being so sensitive?” whenever racial issues arise in or around the Black community should consider joining too.


What do you do at org meetings?

We hold discussions about current events, when they come up. Also, we take the time to get to know each other through fun activities. There’s usually food somewhere in the picture as well.


Do you hold events? If so, what are they about?

Yes. We host inspirational speakers, organize multicultural get-togethers and discussion forums.


Black History Month (February) will be BSU’s most eventful month. We will release the dates of the events and their purpose as we get closer to that time.


Meeting location and time:

Wednesdays, 6 PM

Walnut, MSC

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