By Barbara Young —


Interview with Katelynn Emons: President of FAB Magazine


Purpose of Organization:


“FAB Magazine is UW-Stout’s fashion, art and beauty magazine. We print one publication per semester. We mainly focus on fashion, but we also feature art students. This year the magazine is a little more conceptual. Rather than just a 17 magazine style publication with trends, this year we’re making it a little more edgy, playful and controversial.”


Why is the organization important to have on campus?


“We’re really trying to make a different type of fashion publication that is a little edgier. We want to reflect what is happening in the world with political issues such as equality. It’s a rewarding experience to see your work printed. We like showing the fashion side of campus and bringing people together who have a passion for fashion.”


What type of student are you looking to join your organization?


“Students on campus write for the magazine. We have a variety of fashion and journalism students. You don’t have to be a fashion student to join. We also have graphic designers who layout the whole magazine. All members have a strong interest in fashion. It’s a great portfolio builder for photographers too.”


Why should students join your org?


“We give students a lot of creative control. We encourage that it is a club where you can do whatever you want. It’s a good way for students to combine their passions. If you love fashion and journalism or graphic design or photography it’s a great outlet.”


What do you do at org meetings?


“First we come up with the theme and then we branch off into subtopics under that theme to create the topics for the articles. We work together to complete research on big topics at the moment. Throughout the semester we meet for different deadlines like model selection, rough drafts and purchasing styling items.”


Meeting Times:


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