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By Barbara Young —

This week’s Student Org Spotlight brings some good old Hollywood flair into the spotlight with the Film Society, a movie lover’s dream.

Film Society is a new organization on campus as of this year that has taken off since the beginning of second semester. The club gathers every Monday in Jarvis room 103 at 8 p.m. to discuss all things related to film.

“It’s a place for people to learn and talk about movies in an extracurricular format,” said Nikolas Zanter, president of Film Society. “[Film society is for] anyone who is interested in any aspect of films whether it’s talking about them or making them.”

The group has a wide variety of weekly activities that range from short film analyzing to movie making technique talks. The club has even gone to the theater to watch a film as a group.

“We start by going around the room and everybody will tell us the movies they watched over the weekend and anything interesting that they saw,” said Zanter.

Austin Haglund, who is currently on an internship, and Zanter originally thought of the club when they visited the backyard bash.

“We were walking around backyard bash like, why is there no club dedicated to movies?” said Zanter. “We found it surprising because there is an entertainment design and cinematography class.”

In the beginning the org was small. They used to watch feature films together as a group, but they learned of a legal snag to their original plan and the club became what it is today.

The club has since developed into a group of movie lovers with a passion for critique and creation.

“The past couple of weeks we split the club into groups and then have each group make their own short film and then in a month or so we’ll all show them,” Zanter said. “We’ll talk about them, give people feedback and tell them things that are working and aren’t. It will bring in aspects of art critique.”

If that makes you a bit nervous because you don’t have a lot of film creation knowledge or experience, don’t worry. Zanter says the club has all levels of experience and is open to everyone.

“Basically,” Zanter said, “any interest in films or movies and we’ll take you.”

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